Methodology – Building Better Skin

All  Vivie Beauty treatments include the following three stages:

Assessment Stage

Vivian first observes and gently feels for subtle physical cues from your skin and talks with you about your level of exposure to anti-aging factors. Her clinical training from Biologique Recherche helps ensure your face is being cared for by expert hands.

Initialization Stage

The skin is cleansed and prepared to restore its natural pH and regenerative properties. Vivian selects the ideal blending of cleansing milks, balancing exfoliators, masks, mists, etc., to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of Biologique Recherche’s unique treatment serums.

Treatment Stage

Vivie Beauty features an extensive array of Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums. Each of these pure formulations balances, hydrates and energizes the skin in subtly different ways. Vivian will choose the perfect combination of these serums to help revitalize and rehydrate the skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, address skincare problems such as seborrhea, and more. And Vivian’s training ensures that your individual skincare solution will be carefully chosen and properly applied to ensure maximum results.

Biologique Recherche -the World’s Most Coveted Skincare Line


Vivie Beauty specializes in one of the most luxurious and effective couture skincare regimes in the world. Borne of years of research and development in Paris by a biologist, physiotherapist and physician, Biologique Recherche is a unique, customized multistage treatment that works with the skin, not against it, to help skin balance and heal itself.


All Biologique Recherche products contain pure, concentrated, raw ingredients from various botanical, marine and biological extracts. The specialized cleansers, lotions, serums and other products contain high concentrations of these active ingredients, are perfume-free, and are microbrewed in Paris at the Biologique Recherche laboratories.


Biologique Recherche products feature amino acids and peptides that are effective at eliciting specific health and beauty results for any type of skin. When combined with Biologique Recherche’s innovative and meticulous assessment and treatment protocols and procedures, the results can be quite astonishing.