• Vivian Tonsky, LE performing facial treatment

    Anti-aging, Problem & Sensitive Skin Treatments

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Vivian J. Tonsky, LE

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“After Vivie’s Oxygenating Facial my skin started feeling and behaving better, looking younger and refreshed.The color of the skin became less dull and more even. Even on the next day when I touched it, it still felt very soft, resilient, and incredibly smooth. I feel like getting a facial at Vivie’s is like a ‘resort’ for my face, because our skin sometimes just gets stressed and tired, like any other part of our body.”

AuthoKristina V.,San Francisco

“Thank you, Vivian! I enjoyed the Hydrating facial a lot. You made me alive again and ready for my trip.”

Elena P.,Alameda

”I went to Vivie Beauty for a facial and was very pleased with the session and enjoyed Vivian's hands and her voice. I was cared for in a very deep way. She was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me the condition of my skin and had me try two products. After 7 days, my husband noticed that my face looks fresh and the skin is smoother. I got the info about the Biologique Recherche - a French company she is working with. I must admit it works! The lines I had around my lips got smoother. I no longer have two “grand canyon lines”. It looks way more graceful. The line between my eye brows got the same treatment and the same happened there. My skin looks well-kept and young again. . Thanks to You Vivian!”

Ronit Varga, San Francisco