Jean D’Arcel Prestige crème vita yeux

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pre-age eye cream

Pampering eye cream

Pampering eye cream with a highly efficient cocktail of the beauty vitamins C, A and E, supplemented with pre-aging and anti-aging ingredients. Signs of fine wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes are demonstrably reduced. The light texture is particularly suitable for dry skin. Dermatological studies confirm  the improvement in skin elasticity.

Vitamin C ensures an even complexion and combats premature skin aging.
Vitamin A promotes skin renewal and refnes the skin’s appearance.
Vitamin E protects the skin and smooths the complexion.

Independent studies confirm efficacy.

Active ingredients: Pre-age complex, Juveneye®, vitamin complex C+A+E, vitamin E, vitamin A, Aquaxyl®, betaglucan, jojoba Oil, wheat germ Oil