GLATT Microdermabrasion Cream | LIV by Knutek

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Reveal Smoother, Softer, Younger-Looking Skin
We chose GLATT as the name for our Microdermabrasion cream because it means Smooth in Norwegian. As part of your weekly skin care ritual, GLATT is your key to the smoother, softer, younger-looking skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Even and safe exfoliation 
GLATT Microdermabrasion Cream goes where microdermabrasion machines cannot go for a deeper, more thorough, and even exfoliation, and is a safe and effective alternative to the use of chemical acids that can dry and irritate skin. Unlike those acids, the results you see with GLATT are not only clearly rejuvenating and immediate, but also more predictable, and can be accomplished in gradual stages with no down time or embarrassing redness. 

Boosted with cell nourishment
Enhanced with 100% MSM & Oxygen Plasma, GLATT delivers pure oxygen and organic sulfur directly to skin cells to boost collagen and elastin formation to fade fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, and firm and lift skin. The potent duo also triggers skin’s natural renewal to reveal healthy, youthful, glowing skin.
Preparing skin for additional treatments
GLATT is further enriched with Hemp Oil, making it highly beneficial for all skin types and tones, since Hemp is an extremely light and highly penetrating oil. Pores are cleared and opened for gorgeously healthy, vibrant skin, prepared to receive the anti-aging ingredients in your LIV by Knutek skin care regime.
Use GLATT in combination with NY-Omega Peel and RENS Balancing Cleanser for superior results.

Massage on skin until “beads” roll freely, and cleanse with RENS Balancing Cleanser. Follow with NY - Omega Peel and rinse thoroughly. Use once a week.

Active Ingredients: 
Oxygen Plasma, Glycerol, Aloe Vera and MSM